is a prime business law firm with more than 70 years in the market. Its top-notch specialist’s team has experience and know-how in corporate and business law, international business transactions, procedural law and strategic planning. It has a policy to provide its clients with a one-stop shop approach. Therefore it counts with tax planners, financial experts, accountants all acting as a comprehensive consulting firm.

It stands out among its peers for its proactive business vision. Its practices include Negotiation, Banking, Taxation, Competition Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Mining Law, International Transactions, Labor Law, Business Criminal Law and Corporate Turnaround as well as Project Development.

Estudio Flint

Abogados has the capability to provide timely, customized legal and commercial counsel to corporations, financial institutions, governmental bodies, individual corporations, business companies, and non-profit organizations seeking solutions to complex legal, business or financial problems.

Over its several decades of existence (70 years) the firm has used its multidisciplinary vision to structure operations in such diverse fields as agriculture, education, environment, franchises, investment, public finance, real estate, transport, and aeronautic law.

The firm was founded in 1946. Since its very inception to this day it has served its clients in an integrated, quick and diligent manner, using the most advanced technology

existing in the domestic and international market. Estudio Flint is a code word for technology, dedication, transparency and honesty. It is among Peru’s leading legal firms.

In order to ensure full domestic and worldwide coverage to its clients, Estudio Flint is associated to ESTUDIO DE LA PUENTE – CHANDUVI in the city of Trujillo in the northern part of the country and OVIS CONSULTING in the city of Arequipa, and belongs to the LEGAL NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, which enables it to provide counsel across the world and to operate in over 40 countries. To this should be added the use of LEX UNIVERSAL’S network of consulting firms, through which our clients can receive online answers to any query in the legal or business areas. Indeed, Estudio Flint Abogados proactively uses its contact network to help create new businesses for its clients, support dispute resolution, and meet the demand of consulting services on Latin American markets.

It now belongs to IR Global which provides a platform of networking to reach many country and specialists in business consulting.

Estudio Flint Abogados is a Participating Law Firm of Lex Universal.com, born of a joint venture involving Oracle and Microsoft. Its network makes it possible to receive and provide real time online information in over 87 countries.

Through this and other networks, as IR Global, we are able to provide counsel for our clients in every important market, whenever and wherever necessary, through qualified lawyers. Our constant communication with associate firms makes Estudio Flint a reliable point of reception and delivery of information on economic, legal and political changes taking place around the world.

We have a constant commitment to cater each client’s needs in an effective, personalized, diligent and professional manner. Most part of our team of professionals have training and expertise in economics and administration, which makes it possible for us to connect with our clients using a language that, although full of legal concepts, is no strange to the culture and needs of business.

ESTUDIO FLINT ABOGADOS is part of FLINT GROUP, designed to provide a multidisciplinary range of services and comprised of:

• FLINT CONSULTING GROUP, a firm engaged in business assessment, project development, domestic and international fund raising. It has expertise in restructuring, reconversion and reengineering linked to TMA – Turnaround Management Association, as well as in assessment and control of management processes in order to provide consulting in the field of financial services;

• LATIN AMERICAN CONSULTING GROUP, a Panama company specializing in international trade, off-shore companies and trading belonging to Flint Consulting Group.

• INSTITUTO DE ALTA GERENCIA – IAG, an academic entity engaged in developing courses, seminars, publications and related to national and international training seminars through partnerships with universities, banks and chambers of commerce.

Estudio Flint has specific cooperation agreements with law firms in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Madrid (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Panama (Panama) and La Paz (Bolivia) ─in some cases, as a strategic partner with investments.


Estudio Flint’s legal and business consulting services are generated by a team of distinguished lawyers, administrators, auditors, financial experts and accountants with deep local and international expertise, alumni of academic institutions such as Harvard University, Oxford University, Université du Québec à Montreal – UQAM in Canada, ESAN, Universidad de Piura, Universidad Católica and Universidad de Lima.

Our lawyers teach at prestigious universities and schools of law; have published books and articles within on their respective specialist fields, and attended numerous national and international events as speakers. Several of them hold top positions in national and international professional associations, are columnists for prestigious national and international business dailies, specialized journals, etc.


The law firm has signed agreements with the LIMA BAR ASSOCIATION to train lawyers in “How to manage the law firm”.

Estudio Flint’s broad expertise in the business world enables it to play an active part, side-by-side with its clients, in the development of the best legal and financial solutions. At a client’s request, we can work with them to structure their business, obtain a partner and financing it.

1. Corporate Law and Business in General:
Our firm incorporates and develops enterprises with different corporate structures across different industries. We help design the most effective organizational structure from the perspective of its future development. In doing this, we cover financial, labor, and tax aspects, along with joint venture possibilities and the convenience of such arrangements. We analyze contracts; define agreements with due consideration for such matters as equipment leasing, free competition (antitrust legislation), unfair competition, illegal business practices, and consumer protection, advertising and banking regulations.

1. Real Estate:
Our lawyers give advice in real estate development projects. We have prepared several financial and legal schemes for large-scale housing and shopping center developments.
We provide assistance on a regular basis for a wide range of activities regarding acquisition, leasing, real estate transactions, and mortgage securitization. We represent builders, bankers and investors in the real estate sector involved in private and public building projects, and assist prospective leveraged buy-out borrowers.
We have trained more then1,200 real estate agents giving the official degree of Realtors.
We have experience in the field of public works, concessions and privatizations, and a highly sophisticated team of investment fund experts.
1. Franchises:
Our firm has represented both franchisors and franchisees in contract design and analysis processes. Our IP services include trademark protection and development of framework agreements for new entrants. We provide close, across-the-board collaboration with stakeholders and/or their consultants, advice on franchise registration, franchise agreements and breach of contract liability.
We have a strategic alliance with NEXO FRANQUICIA the largest Peruvian Business in organizing and selling franchises.
Our IP practice is particularly strong in the area of unfair competition and consumer defense.

1. Finance:
We use our firm’s close ties to banking and security exchange industries to serve effectively as advisors on borrowing and loan refinancing, and during the negotiation of changes in the financial structure of business enterprises.
We have in our team former bankers and financial experts.

1. Intellectual Property and Consumer Protection Legislation
We take responsibility for preparing IP-related applications and seeing them through. Our practice in this area also includes matters of industrial property and copyright. Our firm’s network of international relations enables us to assist our clients in applying for and obtaining international registration of their distinctive signs with special focus on Latin America.
Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with administrative authorities, including Oficina de Signos Distintivos, the office in charge of trademark registration, and Oficina de Invenciones y Nuevas Tecnologías, the office in charge of patents. They are also experienced in the area of litigation and other IP procedures.
We provide full legal support to companies in areas including consumer protection legislation, consumer rights, liability for defective products and services, and advertising.
We advise our clients on matters relating to user licenses, and advertising and marketing contract negotiation, as well as on IP-related matters. We have special expertise in refinancing schemes.

1. Corporate Insolvency, Restructuring and Refloat Processes:
Our firm is internationally recognized as an expert in matters of corporate insolvency and turnaround. Not only we have published several books on the subject matter but are the representatives of TMA – Turnaround Management Association.
We act for creditors and carry out the appropriate procedures before INDECOPI both before and after adjudication in insolvency, including procedural defense and follow up, planning and achievement. Our experience is particular deep with regard to global refinancing of obligations.
We carry out real estate negotiations and advise on the conceptual design of asset sale and liquidation strategies that maximize benefits for creditors as well as for debtor.
We carefully plan all commercial and financial transactions for companies in trouble. We design strategies to solve both immediate current and structural problems; we prepare emergency, stabilization and recovery plans.
Our firm has the skill to provide a multidisciplinary vision that makes it possible to address commercial and financial aspects from the legal, labor, corporate, tax and criminal perspectives.
We have published several books on this subject matter. Two of those were published in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. A new book is about to be published in all Latin American countries.

1. Construction and Logistic Projects:
Our firm advises construction industry professionals on business and legal matters. In this advisory capacity, we often negotiate complex real estate and urban development projects, up to and including their national and international funding.

1. Labor Law:
Our practice in this area focuses on a preventive approach that enables our client to foresee and avoid labor law problems. We design personnel policies and help strategic planning with regard to plant shutdowns and personnel relocation. We serve our clients as counsel before administrative and judicial authorities’ at all jurisdictional levels on the full range of labor law-related matters, including overtime and management of confidential information.
We defend our clients in individual and collective labor litigation in court and before administrative tribunals, as well as in negotiations before the Labor Ministry.
We develop labor contracts and regulations. We represent employers before trade unions and advise them on how to handle termination of employment and dismissals with compensation.

1. Judicial Process:
Our litigation department covers every area of the law. Our practices range from free competition to unfair competition, commercial law, civil law, criminal liability, insurance, procedural challenge, and personal injury.
We also assist our clients in arbitration, out-of-court settlement, and mediation processes.

1. Tax Planning:
Tax management is a critical area or practice that needs to be treated by experienced and careful hands. Adequate planning makes it possible to optimize a company’s management. Our accounting and financial consultants enable our clients to adopt whatever preventive measures may be appropriate to reduce the impact of taxation.
In order to avoid tax contingencies, whether at the central or local government level, the most effective administration techniques are used to monitor a company’s operations in support of ongoing planning and control.
Practice in this area includes designing the best corporate organization scheme, NGO incorporation, creation of holdings, tax planning in general, tax planning for mergers and acquisitions, tax planning for corporate liquidations, and bankruptcy tax planning.

1. Tax Burden Management:
Tax debt and social security contributions management is among our most important and sensitive practices. We have effectively improved our clients’ results in their search for the best way to reduce their tax burden without violating the law.

1. Tax Crimes:
We assess a client’s practices for violation of tax laws and vulnerability to prosecution and determine potential liability arising from criminal conduct and unpaid property tax.

1. Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround:
On the strength of its broad experience, we are leaders in the area of corporate conversion and turnaround. More specifically, this includes:
• Corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions).
• Preventive legal counseling on corporate acquisitions, sales, consolidations, mergers, and corporate break-ups.
Strategies involving:
• Analyzing a company’s actual resources
• Reviewing a company’s accounts, reconstructing and establishing actual figures
• Revising tax statements
• Evaluating labor problems, planning for labor cost reduction and providing for associated contingencies
• Maximizing available resources through rightsizing
• Reducing tax burdens
• Reducing corporate and entrepreneur risks
• Advising on how to protect salvageable resources.

1. Administrative Law:
Our professionals have extensive experience in dealing with the Administration at both the central and municipal levels. We enjoy excellent relationships with staff and representatives of several government agencies.

The above is witnessed by our track record in the area of concessions and privatizations and long-term plans connected to financing projects.

1. International Law:
We assist companies in the implementation of investment and corporate projects in Peru and other Andean Community member countries. We advise our clients with regard to the creation of companies in tax havens.



Born on January 24th 1953 in Lima, Peru.

EDUCATION: Graduated in 1978. Doctor in Derecho (Ph.D.) from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and International Negotiation Expert for the UN International Chamber of Commerce. Doctor in Administración de Empresas (Ph.D.) from ESADE. Master of Law from Harvard University. Magister in Administración (MBA) from Escuela de Administración de Negocios para Graduados – ESAN, Université du Québec à Montreal – UQAM. Diplomas in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School and Senior Management from Oxford University. Diplomas from Harvard Negotiation Project Leadership and Negotiation Master, Strategic Persuasion – The Art of Selling Ideas from Wharton University, Integral Negotiation Program form Said Business School, Oxford University. President of TMA PERU – Turnaround Management Association Peru.
Consultant Professor for ESAN’s Programa Magister (a master’s degree in business administration) and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru’s Master’s Degree in Business Law programme. Former of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru’s Master’s Degree in Corporate Law Programme.
Lecturer and visiting professor at EAN in Colombia, University of Zaragoza Business School in Spain, ICESI, and Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. Professor at Université du Québec à Montreal.
Columnist for Gestión, El Comercio, Perú 21, Nexo Franquicia, Justo Medio and Grupo de Diarios de América – GDA.
Senior Lawyer at Estudio Flint Abogados, a business law firm. Manager of Flint Consulting Group, a company with deep expertise in turnaround and converting saving distress companies. Partner of Neumann Business School, representative of ITAE from Spain and Universidad de Tarapacá of Chile.
Author of several books in Law and Administration such as La Negociación Empresarial, Derecho Empresarial, Gestión de Empresas en Crisis – Técnicas de Reflotamiento, Derecho Concursal – Contratos Empresariales, Figuras Jurídico-Financieras y Aspectos Legales de Reflotamiento de Empresas, Tratado de Defensa de la Libre Competencia, Negociaciones Eficaces, Tratado de Derecho Concursal (2 volumes), Reflotamiento – Aspectos Económicos y Financieros aplicables a la Gestión de Empresas en Crisis, Negociación Integral, Gerencia integral – Visión multidisciplinaria de la Gerencia y del Derecho Empresarial, Negocios y Transacciones Internacionales (2 volumes) and Manual del Agente Inmobiliario.
LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French and Hebrew.
AREAS: Corporate Law, Restructuring, Antitrust Foreign Investment, International Business Transactions.
E-MAIL: pflint@flintgroup.com.pe