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Consultant Professor for ESAN’s Programa Magister (a master’s degree in business administration) and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru’s Master’s Degree in Business Law programme. Former of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru’s Master’s Degree in Corporate Law Programme. Lecturer and visiting professor at EAN in Colombia, University of Zaragoza Business School in Spain, ICESI, and Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. Professor at Université du Québec à Montreal. Columnist for Gestión, El Comercio, Perú 21, Nexo Franquicia, Justo Medio and Grupo de Diarios de América

GDA. Senior Lawyer at Estudio Flint Abogados, a business law firm. Manager of Flint Consulting Group, a company with deep expertise in turnaround and converting saving distress companies. Partner of Neumann Business School, representative of ITAE from Spain and Universidad de Tarapacá of Chile. Author of several books in Law and Administration such as La Negociación Empresarial, Derecho Empresarial, Gestión de Empresas en Crisis – Técnicas de Reflotamiento, Derecho Concursal – Contratos Empresariales, Figuras Jurídico-Financieras y Aspectos Legales de Reflotamiento de Empresas, Tratado de Defensa de la Libre Competencia, Negociaciones Eficaces, Tratado de Derecho Concursal (2 volumes), Reflotamiento – Aspectos Económicos y Financieros aplicables a la Gestión de Empresas en Crisis, Negociación Integral, Gerencia integral – Visión multidisciplinaria de la Gerencia y del Derecho Empresarial, Negocios y Transacciones Internacionales (2 volumes) and Manual del Agente Inmobiliario. LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French and Hebrew. AREAS: Corporate Law, Restructuring, Antitrust Foreign Investment, International Business Transactions.

  • An academic and professional with more than 30 years experience in the national and international field. He is also experienced in investment banking, a specialist in corporate law and the finance of middle and large projects. As corporate lawyer has been in charge of key position for multinational companies.
  • Main partner of Estudio Flint Abogados and President of Flint Consulting Group, both firms dedicated to legal and financial operations. Member of Legal Network International and Lex Universal. Teacher in ESAN-Magister Program (MBA) and Director of the mention on management at the Master Legal Program of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Author of many hornbooks and lecturer of several Law Programs at Post-Graduate level in South
  • Flint is an expert on Negotiations having worked with Prof. David Lax and Jim Sebenius of HBS as well as Howard Raiffa and Roger Fisher.
  • He was invited to the Harvard Negotiation Project as resource

person and has been teaching the field for more than 30  years.

He is the author of 5 books on the subject matter.                              1

  • Flint Consulting Group


  • Pacific Credit Rating


  • American Capital Management

Estudio Flint Abogados Senior Partner In charge of the

International Division Advisor of trading companies, banks, textile industries, building compsanies,


  • Director

of International Division in Latin


  • Colombian Chamber of Commerce CAPECOL


  • Binational Federation of Chambers of Commerce Vice-Presidente
  • PUCP-Universidad Católica

Law Professor – Program: Master in Business Law

Director on Management of LLM



Professor of the MBA Program – Courses:

Business Law Management of distress          companies        and Turnaround

International Business Transactions

•Academia de la Magistratura
  • Professor
•Universidad del Pacífico

Former Director of the International Negotiations Program

  • USIL- San Ignacio

Former Professor of Business Law at the MBA Program


  • CICOM OEA – Centro Interamericano de Comercialización

– Río de Janeiro, Brasil

  • INCAE – Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas – Costa Rica
  • ICESI de Cali – Colombia
  • Universidad de los Andes – Bogotá, Colombia
  • Universidad del Rosario – Colombia
  • Universidad Santiago de Cali – Colombia
  • Universidad Gabriela Mistral – Chile
  • Universidad Diego Portales – Chile
  • Professor Flint teaches in Colombia and Peru in behalf of the Universite Du Quebec a Montreal
  • Professor Flint teaches in Peru as Professor of Universidad de Tarapacá –
  • Instituto de Alta Gerencia- IAG


  • Centro Internacional de Resolución de Conflictos – CIRC


University Grade / Diploma Year
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú PUCP (Lima – Perú) Bachelor of General Studies – Bachelor of Arts (BA) 1970 – 1971
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú PUCP (Lima – Perú) Bachelor in Law (BL) 1972 – 1975
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú PUCP (Lima – Perú) Lawyer (Suma Cum Laude) (JD) 1976
Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA – U.S.A.) LLM (Magister in Law – Suma Cum Laude) 1977
Escuela de Administración de Negocios para Graduados – ESAN (Lima – Perú) Magister in Business Administration (MBA)

Suma Cum Laude

Negotiation Project – Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MASS – U.S.A.) Resource Person at the Harvard Negotiation Project – Visiting Professor 1987
Universidad St. Gallen Suiza St. Gallen – Suiza) Latinamerican Executive Program – How to export to Switzerland / Swiss Scholarship Government One person per country 1988
Harvard Business School

(Cambridge, MASS – U.S.A.)

Owner President Management


Lawyer in Spain through convalidation of professional title Lawyer (JD) 1989
Oxford University – Templeton College (Oxford – England) Certificate in Advance Management Studies 1993
University Grade / Diploma Y ear
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP (Lima – Peru) Tax Diploma
Universidad del Pacífico (Lima – Peru) Training Strategic Management Diploma (Train the trainer) 1995
Ministerio de Justicia (Lima – Perú) Expert Mediator Register No. 000087 1998
Université dú Québec á Montreal

UQAM (Montreal – Canadá)

MBA – Master in Business Administration (Maîtrise en administration des affaires) 1999 – 2000
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP (Lima – Perú) PHD

(Doctor in Law)

Universitat Ramon Llull

Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección e Empresas – ESADE


(Doctor in Business Administration)

INCAE Business School (Lima – Peru) Global Management Program 2011
Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Strategic Persuasion Workshop: The Art and Science of Selling Ideas 2012
Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation Negotiation and Leadership 2014
Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation The Negotiation Master Class 2015
Oxford University Said Business School Oxford Programme on Negotiation 2015


l    The Arab-Israeli Conflict before the Public International Law,

2 volumes. Thesis for the B.L. degree.

l    The Treatment of Dangerous Activities and Hazardous Objects in the Latin – American Tort Law. An Interpretative Model.

Thesis for the LLM degree Harvard

Law School.

  • Business Law. Cases and Materials of Law applied to Business.

Textbook for the Business Law – ESAN. Ed. Studium

  • Labor Law. Cases and Materials of Law applied to

Textbook for the Human Resource

Course – ESAN. Ed. Studium

l    Principles and Techniques for International Negotiation.


Editorial NNUU (1990)

l    Strategic Considerations for Agroindustrial exports to the UK: An Applied Case.

Thesis for the Advance Management Certificate. Oxford University

Unpublished Work

l    Business Negotiations, 372 pages

Perú: Ediciones Justo Valenzuela

E.I.R.L. (372 Págs.). (1993)

l    Management Negotiation

Colombia: Universidad Santiago de Cali – Colombia (1994)

l    Genetic Law – The Impact of the Genoma on Insurance and Labor Law

Serie Derecho y Tecnología – Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1998)

l    The Power Group in the Oil and Flour Industries

Serie Derecho y Tecnología Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia

Universidad Católica del Perú (1999).

l    Crisis Management – Turnaround Techniques

Sky Graf Press: Bolsa de Subcontratación de Lima (458 Págs.)

Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

Colombia (2000)

Cámara de Comercio Boliviana (2001)

l    Bankruptcy Law: Financial and Strategic Tools to obtain Turnaround

Editora Gaceta Jurídica (2000)

l    Effective Negotiations

Editorial El Comercio (2001)

l    Treatise on Antitrust

Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Tesis Doctoral Publicada con mención honrosa (2001)

  • NegoSoft – Software
  • Simeg – Software
l    The Integral Negotiation

Editora Jurídica Grijley (2003)

  • Treatise of Bankruptcy Law (2 Volumes)

Editora Jurídica Grijley (2002)

l    Turnaround, Economic and Financial aspects applied to distress companies management

Editora Jurídica Grijley

  • General Management – Textbook Editora Juridica Grijley (2006)
l    The Real State Broker Manual

Editora Juridica Grijley (2009)

l    International Business Transactions

Volume 1 (2011) Volume 2 (in print ) Editora Jurídica Grijley

  • Labor Law (in print)

Gaceta Jurídica

  • Tax Law (in print) Gaceta Jurídica





l    Medio Empresarial

Collaborator of Actualidad Legal section

  • Gaceta Jurídica

Doctrine Section

  • Ius Et Veritas


Newspaper Publications


  • Diario Gestión – Collaborator Business Law area
  • Diario Perú 21 – Collaborator Economic area
  • Diario “El Comercio” – Collaborator in sections:
    • Economy & Negotiations
    • Economy & Labor
  • Diario Síntesis


  • Grupo de Diarios América : Collaborator

La Nación – Argentina El Tiempo – Colombia El Comercio – Perú

Diario de S. Paolo – Brazil

La Nación – Costa Rica

El Nuevo Día – Puerto Rico O’Globo – Brazil

El Comercio – Ecuador El País – Uruguay Zero Hora – Brazil Siglo – Guatemala

El Nacional – Venezuela           8

Working papers


 What can I do now? – Banking negotiation Colegio de Abogados de Lima

  • International Negotiation

Ediciones ESAN – Teaching Materials N° 1 (2004)

  • Negotiation of Personal Relationships in the International Market

Ediciones ESAN – Teaching Materials N° 2 (2004)

  • Negotiation with International Transport Operators

Ediciones ESAN – Teaching Materials N° 3 (2004)

  • Management Negotiation

Ediciones ESAN – Teaching Materials N° 4 (2004)

Future Publications



  • International Tax Law



  • Market Law



  • Persuasion: The Psychology of Influence