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International Relationships
Labor Law
Trade Union Law
International Taxation
Corporate Governance

Antonio Giorgio Benvenuto is in charge of Institutional Relations at a domestic and international level and is a member of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Law Firm which has the function of guiding and guaranteeing the most relevant and important crossborder transactions. He is an expert in labor law, trade union law, international taxation, corporate governance.

Born in Gaeta (LT) on 8 December 1937. Graduated (maxima) in Jurisprudence from La Sapienza University (Supervisor Prof. Francesco Santoro Passarelli) with a thesis in Labor Law on “Nature and functions of the Internal Commission”, published. Journalist.

He was general secretary of the Italian Union of Metalworkers – UILM; general secretary of the Federation of Metalworkers – FLM; general secretary of the Italian Labor Union – UIL; vice president of the European Metalworkers Federation – FEM; vice president of the European Trade Union Confederation – CES; several times councilor of the CNEL.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance and professor for twenty years at the Higher Course of the Scuola di Polizia Tributaria of the Guardia di Finanza.

He was awarded the title of Knight of the Grand Cross.

He is President of the Bruno Buozzi Foundation, Vice President of the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation, member of the Committee of Guarantors of the San Patrignano Onlus Foundation, member of the Eurispes Board of Directors.

Author of many publications, including: “Nature and functions of Internal Commissions”, “Making Italy work”, “Beyond the adventure”, “The third way of the union”, “The union between movement and institutions”, “The secular turning point”, “The workers’ statute”, “Healthcare is sick”, “Beyond the crisis”.

Author of numerous economic essays, especially on tax matters and in the banking and insurance sector.

In the XIII legislature, in the Chamber of Deputies, he was President of the VI Permanent Finance Commission and member of the Bicameral Commission of 30 on the implementation of the tax reform.

In the 14th legislature, still in the Chamber of Deputies, he was Group Leader of the Left Democrats – L’Ulivo in the VI Permanent Finance Commission and member of the Election Committee and of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the Telekom-Serbia affair.

In the 15th legislature, he was in the Senate President of the 6th Permanent Finance and Treasury Commission.

He was president of the National Directorate of Left Democrats. Former political secretary of the Italian Socialist Party. Former Secretary of the Democratic Alliance and the Union of Democrats. Spokesman of the Riformatori per l’Europa, and in that capacity co-founder, at his time, of the Democratici di Sinistra.