Avocom Law Firm LLP confirms its palmares of prizes and special mentions: the subject of the new awards is the MF/Class  Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms e i Super Studi Legali guide that rewards the Italian-English firm in several categories.

First of all, in the Élite category in Project Finance stands out Francesco del Bene, Professor and lawyer specialised in relevant cross-border transactions with Middle East countries, while among the Best there is a special mention for Piergiorgio Casati.

But Avocom Law Firm LLP is also among the firms of the year in the Élite category, an achievement obtained for its assistance to Shelfgastechnology LLC in the ShelfGas Iraq project financed by CITIC Holding IF Group LLC, to Sroshti Waraz Co. in the project for the construction of a new plant in Sulaymaniyya (Iraq) as well as in the project for the reconstruction of the facilities of Kirkuk Cement Company Ltd. Kirkuk.

“We are honoured by such prestigious consecutive awards,” comments Francesco del Bene, Managing Partner of the firm, with satisfaction. “Clients, from all geographies, reconfirm us as the right partner for major projects, especially in the Energy and Project Finance sectors”.