Avocom’s partner Francesco Del Bene was honored with a new award at the MF Legal Awards 2022 in Italy, one of the most prestigious business legal awards, for its commitment and achievements in a number of large international projects in Project. Among the awarded assistances, the special mentions were for Shelfgastechnology LLC in the ShelfGas Iraq project funded by CITIC Holding IF Group LLC, for Sroshti Waraz Co. in the project of construction of a new plant of low environmental impact production in Sulaymaniyya (Iraq) as well as in the project of reconstruction of the facilities of Kirkuk Cement Company Ltd. in Kirkuk. 

“It is a privilege and an honour to be awarded by the Scientific Committee of Milano Finanza Class Editori. An award that undoubtedly rewards an excellent teamwork carried out together with my partners and friends Piergiorgio Casati, Ian Christian Hughes, Federico Michele Sorrentino, Giorgio Benvenuto as well as Pinkas Flynt, owner of the homonymous firm and our key contact for all of South America” commented Francesco del Bene, Managing Partner of the Firm, with satisfaction. “In addition to them, I would like to add Giovanna Gentile, CEO of Coral International Commercial Agency (CICA), based in Abu Dhabi, with whom we are sharing a strategic alliance whose contents and results, already of absolute importance, will be increasingly evident in the future”.

Avocom Law Firm LLP is the ideal partner especially in the Energy and Project Finance sectors. Mr. Del Bene continues: “Over the last year, we have completed significant transactions involving multinationals such as the Egyptian Echem, the Qatari Al Jaber Engineering, the Azeri Shelfgastechnology and many others. In the project, the focus has been consolidated on the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Iraq, as well as Kurdistan, with the financing of government and private projects that are fundamental for the reconstruction and economic revival of countries that have been deeply affected by wars, in order to restart industrial production, hospital assistance, and restore primary and secondary infrastructures, while adequately exploiting the enormous natural resources. In the near future, the United Arab Emirates will play a leading role, thanks to a level of security-country among the first in the world, the result of substantial investment in advanced technologies to ensure them in support of what is considered a refuge country for investors from all over the world, with zero taxation. A strategy adopted with a long-term vision that has enabled vertical growth and development of the country over a 30-year period, with results unimaginable for any other nation. Avocom is bringing in resources from institutional and non-institutional investors in China, the United States, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Iraq and, in the latter case, actively contributing to the government’s project to rebuild the country”.

In Italy, the firm is paying particular attention to the world of start-ups which, like all sectors, is experiencing critical issues related to Covid.

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